Thank you for visiting my website. This website aims to help the community to learn about my work as a school board member during my 12 years. It was a privilege to serve the community in this capacity. It is a time period in my life I will never forget. There are so many students, staff and community members I would have never met if I wasn’t in this role.  The District now embarks on  a new chapter with two newly seated board members and the new board will have to learn how to collaborate and work together as a governance team. I leave the district with the highest functioning executive team the district has had in 25 years. It was hard work and leadership that got this team together. The executive team has the dedication, commitment, and leadership  to take the district to the next level.  I hope the new board holds dear my favorite belief statements from the PUSD strategic plan,” We believe in providing learning that is innovative, irresistible, creative, relevant, and rigorous.

My Story

As a long time advocate for children and public education, being elected to the school board helped to further the advocacy work for public education.   Learn More.

Increased Health and Wellness

As a school health advocate for nearly 20 years, I have been a strong advocate for student health and wellness. .  Learn more.

Ensured Accountability at All Levels

Accountability and transparency can be an elusive concept. My experience as a school board member  led me to believe that accountability happens when we are clear about our goals and objectives and how we are doing in meeting the goals and objectives.  Learn more.

Planned for the Future

I believe an effective School Board Member is forward-thinking and must support and set the direction to plan for the future.   Learn more.